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Billing and Insurance


 At Bertie County Rural Health Association, we believe that every patient is entitled to quality and affordable Health Care.  One of the biggest decisions about who will be providing your Health Care is whether their services are covered under your current health plan.  BCRHA accepts most private insurances including BCBS, Medicare and Medicaid.  We require your insurance co-payments, deductible and 20% responsibility of Medicare services at the time of visit.  We accept cash, checks and all major credit/debit cards.  To find out if BCRHA accepts your health insurance plan, or you have questions about your coverage, call our Billing Specialist at 252-794-3042 option #4, or contact your insurance company.


Sliding Fee Scale Available

Sliding Fee Program Application-English

Escala de pago disponible

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Bertie County Rural Health believes that access to health care is a fundamental right that should not be limited by an individual’s ability to pay.  It is the goal of Bertie County Rural Health’s sliding fee program to guarantee that all patients have access to quality medical care, regardless of their ability to pay for such services. Inability to pay is explicitly defined as those patients with annual household income of 200% and below the federal poverty level.

Individuals with annual household income greater than 200% of the federal poverty level are considered ABLE to pay.

Bertie County Rural Health’s sliding fee program is the payer of LAST resort. As such, if a patient qualifies for Medicaid the patient is ineligible for Sliding Fee. Children aged 18 and younger and adults with dependent children must have a current application letter or other documentation from the county Department of Social Services proving the patient has applied for Medicaid before being eligible to apply for the sliding fee discount. If the patient is undocumented (no valid social security number), the Medicaid application letter is NOT required.


Patients will qualify for sliding fee discounts based on household size and income. Eligibility is extended to all patients, regardless of other medical coverage, with the exception of NC Medicaid. (Patients with Medicaid coverage for Part B Medicare premiums may be screened for sliding fee).

Patients can be insured and still qualify for sliding fee. Occasionally, we have patients with limited financial means who have Medicare or private insurance, but these individuals face barriers to paying co-payments, co-insurance, etc. Any insured patient who is having a hard time paying for medical services will be screened for sliding fee. If the insured patient’s household income is 200% and below the federal poverty level, he or she qualifies for sliding fee.  Anyone applying must provide the following:

Income Tax Returns showing Adjusted Gross Income and Family Size.    Pay Check Stubs:Two or more consecutive pay stubs indicating pay.

Agency Letter:  A letter from Social Security Adminstration, Veterans Administration or Social Service Agency (AFDC, Food Stamps or WIC) indicating income level.

Umemployment Verification:  Paperwork from the Employment Securities Commission    Court Documents:  Official documents citing child support or alimony as awarded by a judge.

Official Paperwork:  Paperwork documenting retirement, disability, SSI benefits

Employer Letter:  For any not receiving an actual pay check, a letter from the patient's employer detailing current gross income and frequency of pay.  Employer contact info. needed for verification.

The Family size can be document with a most recent tax return, Social Security Cards, Rental Agreements that indicate family members, Medicaid Cards and Birth Certificates.



Insurance Market Place




Market Place:  If you are currently uninsured, received a notice of cancellation of your current insurance, experienced a lifestyle change, or simply want to compare your current coverage costs, contact us immediately.  Call our Certified Application Counselor (CAC) at (252) 794-3042 to learn more about the options for you and your family.

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